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Broaching is a machining method where a toothed cutter (broach tool) is pulled or pushed over the surface being machined; it has many advantages and a wide range of applications. In general there are two main categories of broaching, internal where the broach is pulled or pushed through a hole and external where the broach is moved over a surface or the surface is moved over the broach.

Advantages of Broaching Include:

  • Broaching will machine almost any irregular shape provided it is regular in the direction of the broach axis and the wall of the part is not too weak to support the pressure.
  • Broaching is extremely rapid and the entire broaching operation is usually completed in a single pass.
  • Roughing and finishing ordinarily are completed in the same operation often with finishes that do not require post operations.
  • A number of external or internal cuts may be made simultaneously in the proper dimensional relationship, and the entire width of the machined surface is machined in one pass.

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Applications of Broaching Include:

    • Involute Splines
    • Involute Serrations
    • Round Holes, Square, Hex
    • Internal Forms
    • Keyways
    • Rifling Barrels
    • Helical Splines
    • Vane Slots
    • External Flats & Forms

…And Many Other Applications!

Common Part Types Include:

    • Internal/External Gears
    • Pump Rotors
    • Pump Bodies
    • Compressor Vane Slots
    • Spiders
    • C.V. Joint Components
    • Rollover Lifters
    • Rifle Barrels
    • Stearing Gear Components
    • Lock Cylinders
    • Jet Engine Components
    • Transmission Gears & Shafts
    • Connecting Rods & Caps

…And Many Other Part Types!

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