Apex Systems Crafts the Future of Machining: A Comprehensive Overview

  Mar 25, 2024

Apex Broaching Systems offers a comprehensive lineup of broaching machines, including horizontal and vertical configurations, designed to accommodate a variety of sizes and styles. Their machine range includes stroke lengths from 12" to 120" and tonnage capacities from 1 to 50 tons. The versatility of their offering is further emphasized through different machine styles such as standard horizontal hydraulic, helical horizontal, CNC rifling, table-up, pull down, and even specialized machines like the blind spline and pot broaching machines​​.

Their expertise extends beyond machinery, delving into the realm of broach cutting tools. Apex manufactures tools for a vast array of part applications including, but not limited to, flats, splines, rounds, spiral, keyways, and special forms. They are capable of crafting tools from existing designs or creating new designs to meet unique part specifications​​.

Furthermore, Apex's proficiency in broaching machine fixtures and automation highlights their ability to tailor systems to specific part handling needs, from manual to fully automatic loading​​. This is a testament to their innovative approach in providing turn-key solutions that blend functionality with high production efficiency.

Industrial Applications and Needs

The industrial applications of Apex Broaching Systems' machines and tools are broad and impactful. Their technology facilitates the machining of complex shapes and forms across a multitude of materials, showcasing a rapid, single-pass operation that combines roughing and finishing. This efficiency is crucial for industries requiring high-volume production and precision, such as automotive, aerospace, military, and consumer goods​​.

Specific applications include the broaching of internal and external gears, pump rotors, compressor vane slots, rifle barrels, steering gear components, lock cylinders, and much more. These applications underscore the versatility and effectiveness of broaching as a machining process, capable of handling various forms and achieving precise tolerances and finishes​​.


Apex Broaching Systems exemplifies excellence in the field of broaching, offering a synergy of advanced machinery, cutting-edge tooling, and custom fixtures. Their solutions cater to a wide spectrum of industrial needs, from automotive components to aerospace and military parts, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. As industries continue to evolve and demand more sophisticated machining capabilities, Apex stands ready to meet these challenges head-on, reinforcing their position at the apex of broaching technology.

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